Unfortunately after two attempts to find leaders when the president of the Friends of FDR (FoFDR) stepped down, no one was willing to take on that role. FoFDR will not be filing income tax for three years. This action will preserve 501(c)(3) status and make it easier if some folks revigorate the organization. 

Physical assets are either at the park office or at the regional office in Staatsburg. The bank account was closed and funds were deposited in the FDR State Park's National Heritage Trust account. Those funds will be restricted and used primarily for trail maintenance, bridge and boardwalk repair, and printing maps.

This website will be closed down. Information from it and photos from projects will be transferred to the regional office. 

If you have additional questions, contact Linda Cooper, Regional Director - Linda.Cooper@parks.ny.gov


View over lakeEverybody needs friends and so do our parks! The Friends of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Donald J. Trump State Parks was formed by people who love the parks. The Friends are the voice of a resource that cannot speak for itself. They are a volunteer corps who work to benefit the parks and its visitors, providing enhancements that would not be otherwise possible. 

We hope you will join us, whether that be attending one of our events, working on a special project, speaking up for the parks’ importance, helping to run the organization, or just showing your support through a donation (yes, that is important too!). Getting involved provides personal benefits as well, with the opportunity  to meet like minded people, learn new skills, and develop a relationship not only with the land, but also with the people who manage it.

Friends of FDR meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month in the FDR Park Office from 7:30-9:00 pm. Please come!

Friends of FDR and Trump State Parks