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Goals for 2017

Friends of FDR and Trump State Parks

Goals – 2017


Overall goals for the year are

    • Mohansic LakeAttract new members and engage some to become active
    • Solidify the organizational structure
    • Provide enhancements to the park

 All activities will focus on achieving those goals with the idea of keeping the activities low cost, easy to implement, and high visibility. Some activities fall under two categories.

  1. To increase membership and visibility Host three walks in the park (First Day Hike, Bird Walk, National Trails Day)
    • Run three larger events to increase ties involvement with FoFDR or to the park (I Love My Park Day, I Love My Park Day, Friends BBQ)
    • Table at two events (Support Connection Walk. Yorktown Street Fair)
    • Invite representatives from groups to attend meetings
    • Post information on kiosks and pavilions about FoFD
  2. To solidify the organizational structure
    • Engage volunteers to take on short term and long-term tasks
    • Establish board – need secretary and 4 other board members
    • Increase financial base with a fundraising letter in April

   3. Provide enhancements to the park

    • Build the bridge over the outlet stream
    • Complete the RTP grant: buy and distribute the gravel
    • Install fish line disposal
    • Provide educational programs Hart Library November 29, 2017
    • Complete the interpretive signs such as the history of the land within the park, the CCC, FDR, and environmental issues
    • Have map of park which shows new trails
    • Tree Tags
    • Pedestrian button and zebra stripes at the intersection of Strang Blvd  & Route 202.
    • Shed for FoFDR’s stuff
    • Something for teens Anwer Qureishi: a photography workshop for teens and his plans for corporate funding
    • Wildflower garden
    • Tree walk