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Goals for 2019

Friends of FDR and Trump State Parks

Goals – 2019

Mohansic Lake Overall goals for the year are 

  • Increase membership and visibility 
  • Solidify the organizational structure 
  • Provide enhancements to the park

All activities will focus on achieving those goals with the idea of keeping the activities low cost, easy to implement, and high visibility. Some activities fall under three categories.

  1. Increase membership and visibility
    • Develop signs to indicate projects the Friends have done
    • Post information on kiosks and pavilions about FoFDR

   2. Solidify the organizational structure and financial base

    • Engage volunteers to take on short term and long-term tasks
    • Establish board – need secretary and 4 other board members
    • Establish corporate funding

   3.Provide enhancements to the park based on Park needs and the user’s suggestions

    • Expand the wildflower garden
    • Establish Trail Care
    • Establish an invasive removal program
    • Participate in the Hudson River Valley Ramble - history