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The Parks

Franklin Delano Roosevelt State Park

Donald J. Trump State Park

The two sections of Donald J. Trump State Park are adjacent to the Taconic State Parkway and almost 7 miles apart.  Trump had orginally purchased the property for golf courses, but when it was determined they lacked adequate water supplies, the projects were abandoned. So, in 2006, he sold the parcels at a reduced price to New York State with the proviso that they bear his name. Since the donation, both sections have been ignored because of a lack of funds and a vision of what to do with the properties. There are signs along the Taconic State Parkway indicating which exit to take, there are no signs directing you any further. For someone who loves exploring, both sections provide opportunities for walking on unmarked and unmaintained farm or woods roads. 

The 154-acre French Hill section is predominately woodlands with some abandoned buildings. Roads, which were cut establish test wells, wander through the woods, providing oportunties for walking, running, and mountain biking. Posts which supported grapevines are reminders of prior use of the property. A plaque honoring William Delavan Baldwin’s donation of 25 acres of his estate for the Bronx River Parkway Extension in 1928 is fixed to a large rock overlooking the Taconic State Parkway. Baldwin was the first president of the Weschester County Park Commission and president of Otis Elevators in Yonkers. The plaque is located at 41.2625160N and 73.8083870W . To reach the French Hill section, take the Baldwin Road exit and turn east. Just past the north bound exit and entrance ramps, turn right onto Old Baldwin Road. The park entrance is at the end of the road. 

The former farm fields in the 282-acre Indian Hill section are thick with brush and brambles which are, in places, quite dense. It is possible to walk along rutted ATV tracks or on former farm roads. In spring, the flowering apple trees and an occasional dogwood add a splash of color to the vast expanse of green. Birding opportunities abound for birders who are intrepid enought to venture into the expanse of invasive plants. These fields provide habitat for shrub-dependent bird species whose number have declined. To reach the Indian Hill Section, take the Route 6 exit of the Taconic State Parkway and turn east. Turn left onto East Main Street and after about 100 feet, make a left onto Indian Hill Road. Go uphill for 0.8 mile to the park entrance to the left.