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Board Meeting May 14, 2014

Submitted by Jane Daniels on Sat, 05/10/2014 - 3:30pm
Event date: 
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Event location: 
Park Office
Meeting agenda: 

Friends of FDR and Donald Trump State Parks

Draft Agenda, Wednesday May 14, 2014 – 7:30-9:00


 Call to Order - Jane Daniels, President                                                                                                                  

        Introductions and sign in


        Acceptance of Minutes of April 9, 2014 meeting

        Additions to the agenda


        Financial – David Rocco, Treasurer

        President – Jane Daniels

                I Love My Park Day

        Park Manager’s Minute (Jane Daniels for Brian Strasavich)

 Discussion   Next steps as an organization

T-shirts T shirts – how to sell them

Increasing membership


        Flyers on kiosks

        Succession planning        

Upcoming events – do we want a pot luck BBQ                                                                                                 


 Upcoming meetings – All meetings are at 7:30 pm in the FDR Park Office

June 11, July 9 2014


Meeting attendees: 
Jim Brosnan, Jane Daniels John Robinson, Janice Turner, and Anwer Qureishi (arrived 8:15 PM)

Meeting minutes status:

Meeting minutes: 

Friends of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Donald J. Trump State Parks

Minutes – Wednesday, April 9, 2014 – 7:25 P.M.-9:03 P.M.




Action /Target Date

Refile the DEC permit

Walt Daniels

Before June meeting

Order white on black T-shirts

Janice Turner

Before Memorial  Day

Speak Brian about meeting with the condos about cleaning up the rock cut 

Jane Daniels

After May 23rd

Write an article about FoFDR for local paper

Anwer Querishi


Before June Meeting

Contact Ann Savino about running the event’ Jim will take care of the grill

Jane Daniels


Flyers for Kiosks

Jane Daniels

Before the next meeting

Future Bird Walks

Dianne Press


Fishing tournament – find a group which will hold it

Walter Plankl

Before May meeting


President Jane Daniels called the meeting to order at 7:40 P.M.

Manager’s minute was removed from the agenda.

Financial report delayed until David Rocco came, but he did not show up.  

The April 2014 minutes were accepted.


President’s report:

  • Jim Brosnan and Jane completed the 990 form for Friends of FDR and Jane has mailed it to the IRS.

  • I Love My Park Day - Twenty-eight people attended including seven from the NY NJ Trail Conference. Linda Rohleder  (a licensed herbicide applicator) applied an herbicide to stumps of the bittersweet vines. She was pleased at the turn out. The turnout was smaller than previous years when the governor came. There were five people who have attended events in the past but do not attend our meetings.

  • April Bird walk – Prior to the meeting Diane Press informed Jane that not only   people came, but Janelle Robins of Bedford Audubon would like to do other activities with us. Suggestions included a waterfowl walk and fall migration. Janelle also suggested that we do something with fishing. Jim asked about a possibility of a bird blind in the area behind the swimming pool. 


  • T-shirts - The first order of shirts cost about $285. We have sold 12 t-shirts so far. The question is how to sell more. Brian had told Jane previously that his staff could not handle money for the Friends. Thus we cannot sell them at the office. Janice felt that weekend park users would buy the black t-shirts and offered to walk around at some point on Memorial Day Weekend and sell the shirts. She will order 28 black t-shirts, plus two long sleeve light gray ones, if it is possible to only do two with two colors. Janice expressed concern about the shop not being secure about our credit card number and recommended we send checks in the future.

  • Favicards – Anwer ordered the cards funded as part of our PTNY grant. Jane has the supply and asked everyone to hand them out on their walks in the park

  • Membership brochures – Jane brought the current version and asked people for suggestions to improve it. When we pay for printing, Anwer will contact the company that prints the Pennysaver.

  • Flyers for kiosks – Information should include information about FoFDR and t-shirt availability.  Janice suggested that we include an educational message on the flyers. Thus each one would be slightly different. Topics for the posters include Easter White Cedar, the nesting great horned owls, pollution, the CCC and where the pool water comes from. John and Anwer will supply some photos

  • BBQ – The group wants to do our pot luck BBQ in July again but Jane noted that we will need someone to organize it. We could update last year’s flyer. Jane will contact Anne Savino about coordinating it. Jim volunteered to be in charge of the grill and if necessary be in charge of the event. Jane will be away for the BBQ and declined the offer to move the event to accommodate her.

  • Metal Pick up – this portion of I Love My Park Day was canceled due to extremely wet conditions. Janice mentioned how much trash and bulk items were in the rock cut of the rail bed. She suggested that some of us meet with the Condo association and see if we can schedule a cleanup day. Jane will talk with Brian when he returns about going there.

  • Bridge Repair – Jane mentions that on Saturday May 18, Sam Cultrone was replacing the bridge deck on the bridge with the red railing. People were encouraged to come when they can to help.

 Meeting adjourned 9:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Daniels

 Upcoming meetings: June 11, 2014 at 7:30 PM in the Park Office and July 9th TBA

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