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Board Meeting - April 21, 2021

Submitted by webmaster on Fri, 04/23/2021 - 10:56am
Event date: 
Wednesday, April 21, 2021 - 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Event location: 
Meeting agenda: 
  1. Greeting

  2. Newsletter

  3. We need a treasurer

  4. Fundraising 

  5. Vine Chopping event review 

  6. Trash clean up event 5/1/21

  7. Bird Walk 5/8/21

  8. Volunteers - How do we attract them? How does Jane get Boy Scout groups and eagle scout candidates?

  9. New name for Trump park?

  10. Date for next meeting

Meeting attendees: 
David Merle, David Ettere, Bill Newman, Jane Daniels, Carley Kiernan, Dianne Press, Paul Merle

Meeting minutes status:

Meeting minutes: 


  • Newsletter Discussion:  Currently no official newsletter, but there is a MailChimp system set up for announcements. 

    • If we wanted an official Newsletter would need an editor and copywriter.

    • Electronic format only

    • Current listserv ~200 people with another several hundred from facebook group. (

    • Decision on frequency of newsletter.

    • Content: Events / Announcements / History 

      • Carley volunteered for monthly write-up; likely done via MailChimp

      • First deadline May 1st; planning meeting tomorrow 4/22 at 730PM - Dave M, Jane D, Carley K. 

      • Boy scout promotion / recruitment

      • Follow up on previous vine cutting event

      • Call for donations 

  • Search for a Treasurer; will relay need in Newsletter 

  • Fundraising; needs to match needs of events planned

    • Costs include: insurance, zoom, mailchimp, projects

    • Selling merchandise; need to check with the park.

    • Check with riverkeeper group on insurance status

    • Should have funds for ~1 year. 

    • Jane - Finish grant from DOT

  • Need up to date volunteer waivers from the group for the park 

  • Vine-chopping event this past Saturday ~20 people led by Dave M. 

    • Short-article in Mailchimp update on previous events including this

    • Highlight the boyscout involvement

  • Engage with community - Community center - interest in community outreach and recruitment. 

    • Connect with SEA coordinators for possible volunteers with group projects. 

    • Reminder that trail projects have been shifted to NY/NJ Trail Conference to limit conflict of interest. 

    • Coordinate different groups and enhance their experience - Dog walkers, bicyclists, disc golfers, trail-runners.

      • Reach out to these groups and give them a voice. 

  • Paul M - A lot of potential with organized bird walks. Can extend to small and large groups alike. Consider long-term promotion and organization. 

    • First walk to be approximately 10-15 people as a start. 

    • Possible location “Glass hill” by stone barns 

  • Name change for DJT - Cannot be presented formally by FoFDR

  • Next meeting date: 5/26/21

Action Items

  1. Newsletter: First deadline May 1st; planning meeting tomorrow 4/22 at 730PM - Dave M, Jane D, Carley K. 

  2. Active search for a treasurer - Everyone 

  3. Reimbursement grant for bridge building from DOT - Jane

  4. Contact Jim for treasurer’s report - Bill 

  5. Signature cards for bank need to be signed over - Bill 

  6. 5/1/21 clean-up & 5/8/21 Bird walk promotion - everyone 

  7. Connect with SEA coordinators for possible volunteers with group projects - Carley 

  8. Decide time and meeting location for bird walk - Paul 

  9. Add promotional signs for clean up and bird walk - Diane

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