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Board Meeting, June 10, 2015

Submitted by Jane Daniels on Thu, 05/28/2015 - 10:48am
Event date: 
Wednesday, June 10, 2015 - 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Event location: 
Park Office
Meeting agenda: 

Call to Order - Jane Daniels, President

    • Introductions and sign in
    • Announcements 
    • Acceptance of Minutes of May 13, 2015 meeting

Financial Report – Jim Brosnan, Treasurer 

    • Income/expense
    • Bank balance  


    • Recreation Trails Grant update
    • Parks and Trails New York grant

Manager's MInute - Brian Strasavich, Park Manager

Upcoming Events

    • National Trails Day, June 6, 2015 9-noon
    • Bedford Audubon Bird Walk on Saturday June 13 at 8 am Pool parking lot
Meeting attendees: 
Maria Adams, Jim Brosnan, Melissa Cole, Jane Daniels, Efrain Figueroa, Mark Kotkin, Anwer Qureishi, John Robinson, and Brian Strasavich

Meeting minutes status:

Meeting minutes: 

Minutes of the May meeting were accepted.


Financial –Jim Brosnan reported that the bank balance at the end of May was $2,347.68. Brian will follow up with the Taconic Kennel Club about their annual donation.  We received $100 from GE as a matching gift, which Jane will deposit. 

National Trails Day:  Jane reported that 11 people helped cut vines and remove invasives on the park property near French Hill School on Baldwin Road. The entrance looks considerably better.  Park employees removed the bags of garlic mustard and Japanese knotweed.  Some photos are posted on Facebook. 

Recreational Trails Program Grant:  There is still no activity on moving approval of the grant so that we will be able to work on the bridges.  Jane has talked twice with a staff person at Nita Lowey’s office.  The most recent phone call was a report that he had spoken to someone in the Parks Office in Albany.  Jane told him everyone who has been notified about the RTP grant is affected and that the focus should be on getting everyone’s grant approval moved forward.  He wanted Erin O’Neil’s contact information.  Jane reassured him that Erin was not part of the problem.  There is a project we can work on at the intersection of the orange and white trails that will not affect the funding.  Jane will set up a date to do some work on those trails, probably another three hours on a Saturday morning. 

Parks and Trails New York Grant:  Jane has been unable to complete the grant.  Jim offered to help her figure out ways to use the money.

Fishing line removal units:   Brian will have staff install the fishing line disposal units.

Reviewing Goals

Jane reviewed the goals we set in December

  1. To increase membership and visibility
  • Host three walks in the park (First Day Hike, Bird Walk, and an event in the fall) no fall event scheduled yet
  • Run three larger events to increase ties involvement with FoFDR or to the park (I Love My Park Day, National Trails Day, Friends BBQ,) first two done, 3rd scheduled
  • Table at three events (Indian Powwow, Support Connection Walk, Yorktown Street Fair)
  • Invite representatives from groups to attend meetings -
  • Post information on kiosks and pavilions about FoFDR  doing it
  1. To solidify the organizational structure
  • Engage volunteers to take on short term and long term tasks –Mark volunteered to write letter for Giving Tuesday, Jane to send him a sample of what had been done in the past
  • Establish board – need secretary and 3 other board members – have a total of 6 board members,
  • Improve content and art on website.  Facebook and our website should mirror each other.
  • Revise bylaws to conform with NY State requirements  completed
  • Increase financial base
  1. Send out solicitation as part of Giving Tuesday (after Thanksgiving).  The request may be to make a donation which will be used to buy wildflower seeds to create a “meadow”.  Anwer has connections with about 30 local newspapers, There used to be options for free advertising in local newspapers for not-for-profit groups like ours.
  2. Complete PTNY grant
  3. Provide enhancements to the park
  • Build the bridges to connect to Baldwin Road  pending final approval
  • Install fish line disposal  Brian will have staff do after July 4th
  • Provide educational programs
  • Have interpretive signs such as the history of the land within the park, the CCC, FDR, and environmental issues  see discussion about Internship

 Yorktown High School Civic Internship

Jane talked about a civic internship she had this spring with a Yorktown High School senior.  She would like to do a two semester program and share the intern with Yorktown Trail Town and NewYork- New Jersey Trail Conference as to improve visitor experiences in parks in Yorktown. This internship will have assigned work to be done independently and meetings with mentor will be on a flexible time frame.  Time will be split in thirds on projects.  For FoFDR it would include making interpretive signs and possibly web work.  Engaging the intern was approved by all members present.

 Westchester Legal Services project

Jane talked with someone at Westchester Legal Services about a possible service project during their annual employee picnic.  It is not definite they want a service project, so giving some suggestions to them might help.  August 7th is not a good time to plant anything.  Brian suggested mulching the disc golf course, painting, installing dog stations in the woodland area, and vine cutting.  We will need to have someone to manage the project with them.

Upcoming events:

Early Morning Bird Walk Saturday June 13

Jane reminded everyone that the Bird Walk will take place at the pool parking lot at 8 am.  Since it is a Friends event, there will be no vehicle entry charge.

Annual BBQ Wednesday July 8, 6-8 pm.

People signed up as to what they would bring.  Anwer will make the flyers and Efrain will post them.

Melissa will coordinate and remind people to come and bring their “goodies”.

Park Manager’s Minute:

 Brian has a “staffing shortage”.  He has no 2nd and 3rd in command and the the pool filter room attendants need a lot of guidance. He will be able to interview for the assistant manager position.

  • The pool is being readied and has a new chlorine system. Brian would like to give us a tour one day of the new pool and bath house.  He has 19 life guards and expects to get two more after this weekend, when the lifeguard exams are taken. The pool should be open on June 20, and the bathhouse on June 19th.  The solar panels which will provide for hot water have not yet been installed.  There are no LED lights yet, and no lockers.
  • A new launching pad for kayaks has been installed, made out of old tires near the rowboat house.
  • This weekend there will be a orientation for seasonal employees.
  • The road signs on the Taconic for the two Trump Parks will be taken down.
  • Brian believes that bluestone has been stolen from the park supply and old bluestone has been found in the dumpsters. He asked that we keep our eyes open when we walk in the park.
  • There will be some new rangers in the park during the summer months.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm. Next meeting will be on July 8 at Pavilion 4 from 6-8.

Early Morning Bird Walk Saturday June 13 at 8 am at Pool Parking Lot

Submitted by:  Jane Daniels with help from Maria Adams


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