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Board Meeting September 9, 2015

Submitted by Jane Daniels on Sun, 07/26/2015 - 10:15am
Event date: 
Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Event location: 
Park Office
Meeting agenda: 

 Call to order - Jane Daniels, President

    • Introductions and sign in
    • Announcements 
      • Request from Bedford Audubon to hold a joint meeting
    • Acceptance of Minutes of August, 2015 meeting

Financial Report – Jim Brosnan, Treasurer 

    • Income/expense
    • Bank balance  


    • Recreation Trails Grant 
      • Update 
      • Worktrip on September 12 12:30-4
    • Parks and Trails New York Grant - Ways to use the remaining money 

Fall Fundraiser - Mark Kotkin

Other ways to help FoFDR

Participation in upcoming tabling events

    • Support Connection 
    • Yorktown Street Fair - need to have someone in charge

Manager's Minute - Brian Strasavich, Park Manager

Meeting attendees: 
Maria Adams, Jim Brosnan, Jane Daniels, Efrain Figueroa, Mark Kotkin, Dianne Press, John Robinson, and Brian Strasavich

Meeting minutes status:

Meeting minutes: 

Meeting began at 7:30 pm. 

Minutes of August meeting were accepted.

Financial –Jim Brosnan reported that the bank balance at the end of August was $2,272.68.   $125 was taken out to reserve a space for our booth at the Yorktown Street Fair on October 11th.  Next major expense is insurance. We may be looking for a different insurance company specializing in insuring outdoor groups.  Their premium may be a little cheaper. 

Announcements – The Audubon Society requested Jane to give a talk about her book Walkable Westchester at one of their meetings which are held on the second Wednesday of the month in the Katonah Library.  They suggested having a joint meeting on December 9th or January 13th.  Jane asked everyone attending what they thought about this, and which date would be best.  We all agreed to this joint meeting, and preferred January 13th.  Jane did not know yet at what time this meeting will start.  Jane will speak focus her talk on the Bedford area parks, and parks known for birding.

Recreational Trails Program Grant:

Jesse Jaycox of the NY State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation determined that there are no bog turtles in the park, which could be disturbed by our work on the trails.  There are two dead trees which can be removed after November 1st.  The trails are not on “wetlands”.  The DOT decided that they would not e require a CAD drawing for the bridges which would cost more we were required in the grant.

Glass Hill to Viewland Drive - We will be working there on September 12th, 16th and 20th.  Jane explained that we will be working on a bike bypass, because the entry to that trail is steep and eroded. Repairing it will mean building rock steps which are not accessible to bicycles.  We will get help from Walt Daniels and others who know how to build rock steps. Other projects will be to cut back invasives, clean up dead branches, etc.  Jane will schedule more work dates depending on her schedule.

Mark Kotkin will be working on an improved design for our “donation box” to be used at the annual Support Connection Walk on October 4th and the Yorktown Street Fair on October 11th.  We still have some T-shirts for sale, and will raffle off one on October 4th.  We will also give away pencils.  Dianne and Charlie will be at our booth at the Support Connection. Jane will be at the Yorktown Street Fair all day, John will be there for a few hours as will Jim, and Mark, and probably Anwer.  Jane and Dianne will be working on a sturdy “tri-fold” display which can be updated with new information and recent photos taken at the trail work trips to be used at future functions of our Friends group.  Staples has one that is 3’ high and 6’ wide.  It costs $300, but there is money in the PTNY grant to finance that. Jane will remind Anwer to publicize the above dates on Facebook, and also the dates for our work on the trails.

Fall Fundraiser – The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is “Giving Tuesday”.  Holiday time has proved to be a good time to request donations.  Mark Kotkin has been working on a draft letter request, which will also explain that we will be using any gifts to buy seed for wildflowers to be planted along/in the Route 202 and Taconic Parkway corner of the park.  Jane will send Mark some more information and calculate the area and the funds needed for the seed.

Park Manager’s Minute –This summer was the busiest one for Brian since he became park manager with respect to both the pool and the park. The pool had to be closed once due to mechanical problems, and once due to over-capacity.  The last two weeks of the summer the pool at FDR Park was one of a few still open in the area. The whole region was low on life guards, but we still had enough. Frank, the new assistant park manager, hit the ground running, and is a great addition to the park staff. An Boy Scout working on his Eagle project will be working in the park on September 26th. The weekend of September 19-20 will be very busy in the park because of the annual Pow Wow.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.  Next meeting will be on October 14th, in the rear of the Park Office, at the Route 202 park entrance.

Submitted by:  Maria Adams with help from Jane Daniels

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