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  • Original name

    -Originally named "Keakatis", Colonial + Revolutionary times: Called "Crom Pond"

  • 1781-1782


    French General Rochambeau - Army escaped near lake - Increased Output Near Lake

  • 1800's

    Several Farms + Dairy Farms- however, these Farms weren't wooded.  

  • 1900

    Land Acquired by New York State to use as a NYS Training School for Boys (South of Mohansic Lake)

  • 1909

    Several Farms Purchased by NYS, |including Henry Strang's Mohansic State Hospital (600 Acres/ Plans 6000 "inmates").  (North of Mohansic Lake)  

    Mohansic State Hospital

  • 1911

    NY Central's Putnum Division constructs Mohansic Branch (Yorktown Branch -> Mohansic Lake)

  • 1911

    Construction of railroad near Mohansic Lake through south side of Crompond Road begins

  • 1913

     July 4th Murder Takes Place at Mohansic State Hospital, young attendant blugeoned to death while asleep

  • 1913

    - NYC expresses concern over possible pollution of their water supply in the hospital/school adjacent to the lake


  • 1917

    October 10th. First public meeting of the Joint Legislative Commitee

  • 1918

    Plans for abandoned hospital and school

  • 1922

    Dog in mohansic lake

    Mohansic Lake Reservation sold to West County for $1.00.  (It becomes the first park in the WC Park System, now named "Mohansic Park")

  • 1923

    New Nursery Started, containing 200,000 evergreens (pines,spruces) to be transferred to West parks and parkway    

  • 1923

    First Westchester Play Day held in the park on September 15th

  • 1925

    Mohansic Golf CourseRailroad abandoned. Golf course opens

  • 1927

    Bronx River Parkway Extended (1927-1932) (20.7 Miles)

    Bronx River Parkway

  • 1935


    Civilian Conservation Corps, "CCC". (50,000 Members, 2,600 Camps)

  • 1936

    Surplus trees distributed to community 

  • 1942

    Enter World War II; Camps end abruptly. Army takes over park. It was first used as an Army base, then as a rest/rehabilitation area for U.S./British servicemen fighting in the war. 

  • 1945

    After World War II: Park used as a storage base for large quantities of valuable war surplus for War Department.

  • 1946

    Mohansic Barracks given to Peekskill. Vets to relieve Housing Shortage (Used as a Summer Camp).

  • 1950s

    Rec. Hall used as a community center. Used for Square Dancing-Was Burned

  • 1957

    Governor Harriman

    Governor Harriman Signs a bill returning parklands east of Taconic State Parkway to New York State -Becomes Mohansic State Park

  • 1958

    Downing Park- Bill grants 25 acres to the Town of Yorktown

    Downing park

  • 1982

    State Renames the park upon the centennial of FDR's birthFdr sign

  • 2011

    fofdrFriends of FDR State Park was founded